Why did I become a Photographer?

So, why did I become a photographer?

First we need to go on a whistle stop tour…

Well, I suppose it’s like anything. you just become interested in something, or you get that one teacher at school tell you that you are actually quite good at something! Well, at Primary and Secondary School I was the go to girl if you needed something drawn. As the years went on, the drawing became more serious and I studied Art and Graphic Design at GCSE and then on it went to College and Degree. But… the drawing with all the paints, crayons and marker pens dwindled and in came the camera!

Don’t get me wrong, I did some seriously awesome drawings along the way and the projects at Uni, were odd, but creative to say the least! I also met some great influential teachers who would inspire and encourage. So that’s where it started!

After Uni and some random and not so random jobs, I went on my travels. And I mean travels! I went to Peru to do a jungle Conservation Project in the Amazon Jungle. Yeah, I know, totally random! So in amongst our daily activities of monitoring monkeys and searching for the poisnous dart frog (after dark by torch light I might add!) (I never did find him!) looking for tarantulas in pineapple plants and having a close encounter with a Fur de Lance snake (if you want to know how dangerous they are, here’s the link (not one for my parents to read!). I just wanted to get close enough to get a good photo! Oh, and I met my husband there, nearly forgot that bit! (He’s isn’t Peruvian, before you ask! :) He is from Somerset!)

Why did I become a Photographer | Emily Frances Photography

So as you can imagine in Peru, there were a lot of photo opportunities. The animals, insects, surroundings and views were all stunning, and that is when I really got into photography.

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It was difficult in the jungle to keep a camera working. The humidity was so intense we had to keep all equipment in a special box to keep them safe.

Milk Bath. Emily Frances Photography

So after more travelling the world with the husband (who wasn’t my husband at the time!) and taking lots more photos along the way, we came home. My friend bought me a photography magazine and in there was an advert for a Photography Course. It was a wedding photography school in London. I decided to go for it! I met some great photographer friends and started my own wedding photography business.

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Over the time of taking photos I have learnt that it is not necessarily what the photo is of, it’s how it makes you feel that’s important. On our travels we took a lot of scenery photos. The places we visited were amazing, and to see the place on a photograph is really special, but it’s how it makes me feel when I see that place again that makes me happy. That I can remember the smells, the laughter, the food, the company. The memories associated within is what I want to capture every time I take a photo.

So with this in mind I really wanted to capture the moment in my wedding photography, not because a couple got married, but because you can see the love they have for each other. I have met some really lovely couples and I loved being at their wedding as their photographer. As they started a family, so did I and it was this reason that I  moved more into children’s and family photography.

As with most new Mum’s, they quickly discover that their little bundle of joy will not be little for very long, and I wanted to capture it all before it disappeared in the blink of an eye. So I started taking photos of my little boy and then I started taking photos of my wedding couple’s babies. My little business just grew from there.

Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve

It is so heart warming when you are trusted to take such important and precious photos for a new Mummy and Daddy. Seeing their face smile and their eyes begin to water is what I really want! You know you have done a good job when they cry! :)

It isn’t just babies that I photograph. I love every age of child to photograph because they become their own little person. I love having them in the Preston studio to have a chat with and really get to know them whilst capturing them in a photograph forever. My favourite is when I am invited into a clients home to take photos of their family, especially when there are grandparents too.

So that’s my journey into how and why I became a photographer. I love taking photos of my children as they grow and documenting their next little challenge in this huge unforgiving world as well as other little gorgeous children and families. I really do love my job.

Please get in touch to book your family in for their photo-shoot hello@emilyfrancesphotography.co.uk

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