The Talbots in Lockdown – Week 13

The Talbots in Lockdown

Week 13 – Monday 15th June

It’s the last Lockdown blog! I can hear you all shout for joy! ūüėČ (I know who you are! :) )¬†¬†Quinn is back at school next week. So… it’ll just be me and the boys at home.

Its been a quiet, can’t be bothered week. We¬†chose what and when we did it….so not a lot happened a lot of the time!

The kids enjoyed a bit of art and crafty bits this week. Not much math homework happened (I’d had enough of edges, faces and vertices or 3D shapes by Tuesday) and I wanted to have a fun time for Quinn before next week. They had fun doing the online art class with Rob. You basically just follow along with him and have a go at drawing. Drawing is something I like but the kids claim they are ‘bad drawers’. So they were super chuffed with their final pieces of a polar bear. There was a scary moment when the paws looked like sagging boobs, but they won it round when they added the nipples, sorry, claws!! :)

Also this week…

Made Father Day monsters,

Max climbed out of his walker,

Made more Nutella Swirls,

Quinn had a Summer themed week set by school,

Made a colour wheel in the garden,

Ruby had a hair cut,

Quinn did a Miranda the Mermaid workshop online,

The kids attacked my make-up. Who knew I had so much black eye shadow? Unless that’s the colour it makes all mixed together!?!?

Dan gave Ellis had a long over due hair cut,

Beaver challenges,

Celebrated Dan’s first Father’s Day with 3 kids,

Painted some more kitchen cupboards,

Quinn had a phase 3 phonics spelling test,

Ellis was on bathroom cleaning duty again,

Quinn had a Cheerio lip ring,

The kids spent their Easter money on more plastic, cuddly toy, dinosaur digging and making things / stuff and had a treasure hunt around the house to find them,

Ellis tried sushi although he really meant a slushee drink! He had never been so keen to clean his teeth!

And the mermaid ‘wanna be’ continues… honestly it’s exhausting! Quinn has seen a mermaid scale creation to look like you have a fin under your skin, toys, craft, fin fun tails for swimming (in all the closed swimming pools!), mermaid hair…. it never ends!

So there we go. It been a challenging 13 weeks with lots of tears and laughter from all of us. But we made it!

Lots of fun times have been had and a lot more still to come. I’m grateful to have spent it with some fabulous kids, learning things about ourselves, each other, ¬†fractions and phonics!

Thanks for reading :)

The Talbots in Lockdown – Week 13 – Emily Frances Photography

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