The Talbots in Lockdown – Week 10

The Talbots in Lockdown

Week 10 – Monday 25th May

We should have been on holiday this weekend :(  But it’s been another sunny week! Great way to spend half term outside in the sun, sun, sun! We’ve had a few strops and tantrums. More actually than if it was a ‘school’ week. Ellis loves a bit of structure in his day and wants to know what is on the agenda for the day including what is for all meals and snacks. I have no idea why I tell him the answer as he never remembers or even listens to what I’m saying! I think I might have to write it down for him! I might even pretend tomorrow’s inset day is actually a school day. Just to get him back doing something other than teasing his sister!

I’ve got out for a few walks this week. Saw my mum for a socially distance walk with the dog and went to a new place (literally 5 mins away) for a great river walk with a friend. Its was great for a catch up. The cow dodge on the way back was not what I would have gone for but it was great to think about hiding from the cows instead of small children for a change! They are actually pretty similar – stare from a distance calculating their attack, proceed with focus and determination until you have to run for it! 😂

I’ve began to get itchy feet and a really want to get out! I mean out out, not just for a local walk. I’d love even a half day to myself to do what I want to do without small children around my feet. Maybe next weekend? I can dream… I’ll only end up doing the weekly shop! (My most hated job).  A lot of people have gained more time in lockdown. Free to potter in the garden, do those jobs that have always been on the ‘To Do list’, decorate. I have less time time than if they were in school whether I have a 7 month old or not. I’d love to sort out all my personal photos. Business photos are kept neat, safe and secure. My photos…. all over the place! I really want to get some printed for albums.

Also this week…

We have re-potted the sunflowers,

Made jellyfish,

Quinn made her own perfume (petals and rosemary from the herb rack!) She wanted to make to sell! Love her ambition but I had to do a quick google search and then just put random things in water. She was happy anyway but don’t think we will be selling anything anytime soon!

Made slower cooker chocolate fudge! Amazing! We then ate the slow cooker fudge! I did give some away to family and friends so my waist line isn’t feeling as tight as it could have been! I might try some more flavours as it worked so well. It was difficult to get the main ingredient though, condensed milk. I had it subsituted so many times in the food delivery for evaporated milk. I now have tins and tins of evaporated milk!!

Ellis lost his 4th tooth in Lockdown. The novelty and excitement of the toothfairy has well and truly worn off, for me anyway. I did hear Ellis and Quinn chatting about trying to capture the toothfairy on camera! Thank goodness they totally forgot about this idea at bedtime. I’m sure the toothfairy was not up to being photographed or trying to work out how the magic could be captured but not actually appear on camera!

We’ve had a couple of garden fires, toasted marshmallows and more BBQ’s,

Paddling pool fun. Max had a great time,

We have moved on from a pet snail and a butterfly to a slug (I must try and locate him! The last I saw he was heading up the stairs in Quinn’s hand) or a horse!

Garden archery – thats one for you Cheryl! Ellis is actually pretty good.

Quinn only landed in the paddling pool twice and the wheelbarrow once when learning to ride her bike in the garden! She’s got some determination that girl! We had said that wouldn’t it be great if she could ride her bike for when we go on holiday, and she does it the weekend we should be going!

Had a fabulous cream tea from Tina’s corner bakery.

Visited the Grimsargh Caterpillar and painted our pebbles ready to add.

We didn’t start a weekly tradition in Lockdown. I’ve seen a few families that always have a Friday movie night, family disco once a week or a weekly online family quiz. Maybe if we were to have Lockdown again….. this might be an idea! I’m just grateful that Ellis, Quinn and Max have enjoyed (most) of their time together and formed some strong bonds. Max absolutely loves seeing their faces in a morning. Which is great as I feel I have done nothing with him than plonk him here, there and everywhere while we battle through Lockdown together. At least his daily stimulation is watching his best friends play, argue, fight and make up again!

So, back to ‘school’ tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday?!

The Talbots in Lockdown – Week 10 | Emily Frances Photography


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