The Talbots in Lockdown 2020 – Week 9

The Talbots in Lockdown 2020

Week 9 – Monday 18th May

What a slow week! Monday was a write off, I thought time actually stood still on Wednesday and Friday couldn’t come fast enough! Saturday and Sunday were pj and movie marathon days for the kids (sleep deprived days for me – thanks Max!).

Don’t believe we’re winning at life in lockdown… we’re just getting by! I am not one to sit and watch a film very often. It either has to be on really early so I am not secretly wishing I was in my bed fast asleep or the best film I’ve watched ALL year to keep me awake. Otherwise the bright colours of Disney means I am usually asleep within 10 minutes or I leave everyone to it and spend the time cleaning the house. It might seem we do a lot… but in reality, I can’t just stick a film on very often…. we have to be doing something – anything.

So it’s been the last week before half term. It’s been a slog but we made it. Just. Quinn had another epic week of fun work set by her fabulous teacher. This week was the hungry caterpillar and Quinn has discarded the pet snail and has her heart set on a pet butterfly! She made a little puppet show and re-told the story to Max (on repeat). Ellis’ maths home work has been more up my street this week with the 5 times table (thank God!). Max certainly has the music within him and has bopped along to the beat – harder the beat the better it seems!

Also this week…

Ellis lost another tooth! Yep, thats the third tooth lost in Lockdown (maybe its all the sweets he’s eating as bribery :) and Max gained a tooth! The tooth fairy remembered this time! (and hadn’t been drinking since lunch time!) Phew!

Ellis has kept a weather diary and has been quite interested in the weather forecasts for different areas. It’s been quite a varied week this week, so at least it was more interesting than if it just rained every day! Hasn’t it been windy!

We did the drawing challenge on each others back. I drew on Ellis’ back and he had to draw on the window what he thought I was drawing. It worked quite well. Quinn did well too – see the photos.

We’ve had a Zoom bingo call with friends which was good fun.

We’ve had a sweetie box delivery. It was also a good treat for the end of term.

Quinn organised numbers 20 to 50,

Number bonds to 100,

Face painted – again!

More den’s! Awesome! -Not!

Made their own snacks,

Had an amazing cheesecake from over the fence! I didn’t share!

Had a pie delivery from Tim’s Ribble Valley Catering – Amazing!!

Done acts on kindness for mental health awareness week.

Had rock hair styles in the bath. Quinn’s coloured hair is beginning to fade but it has lasted pretty well! I wish I had her hair – looks good any which way if it’s up or down!

And oh my God… the foam! How can I forget the foam! We tried some marbled pictures in the foam but it wasn’t working out quite right for some reason so the kids just played with it and it went everywhere! At least the kids loved it. I used men’s shaving foam so it smelt like a dishy man had visited!! 😂 From a social distance obviously!

So half term… whats the deal? Good weather? No kid’s tantrums? We’ll just have to see!

Don’t believe we’re winning at life in lockdown… we’re just getting by!

The Talbots in Lockdown 2020 – Week 9 | Emily Frances Photography

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