The Talbots in Lockdown 2020 – Week 8

The Talbots in Lockdown 2020

Week 8 – Monday 11th May

We’ve had a bit of a ‘do the bear minimum’ kinda week. Saying that, its been quite fun, The water beads lasted another couple of days with them smashing and squashing them to smalls bits (ALL OVER THE PLACE!) before I chucked them away. The kids as a whole have been so much better to live with! I haven’t shouted nearly as much this week! 😂 There was a time I thought the kids would be going back to school with a new language they’d learnt! 🤬 Maybe its the fact they’ve gotten use to the idea of being ‘Locked Down’ together or its because each week that passes by, we’ve given ourselves less pressure to be busy.

So, the kids had a pet snail this week! Quinn took her mini beast topic from school to the next level! She found it on one of our walks, brought it home and moved it into her dolls house! Quinn has also fed it tea and biscuits!! It’s now dead (or pretending to be!).

Also this week…

Quinn tried honey ( I know what you’re thinking… how has she got to 5 years old and not tried honey!? I thought this too! I am convinced she has tried it before). Anyway… she nearly threw up!

They worked together to make a pretty cool bug hotel in a plant pot and went on a bug hunt.

Quinn had a Zoom call with her classmates = chaos, but she loved seeing everyone.

Quinn pretended to be a cat and lick out her milk from a bowl! She also dressed herself up as a mermaid – no photos of that one, I’d need to sensor it!!

They made their own bugs from play dough and then played for the next hour really nicely! Win win!

Quinn opened her own ice cream stall (I think it was a ploy to have ice cream before 10am!)

Ellis did a Beaver challenge and lit a match himself and learnt a new campfire song (I chose A Pizza Hut to teach him. Basically because its the shortest one I know!!)

We had a balloon delivery from over the fence :)

The kids learnt how to clean a bathroom! They have done this before and actually really like doing it!

We did a few race challenges with a timer and tried to beat our best score. I also got them to sit quietly and put their hand up when they thought a minute as up. I managed to get a bit of quiet time!!

Ellis made his own rockpool in the garden from shells and water. Honestly, who needs fancy toys when you can have a large box, shells from a beach trip, and a calpol syringe to collect water? Kept him busy for hours.

Max is up on all 4’s but no crawling and no teeth. I feel I have neglected him a little over these 8 weeks. At least he enjoys watching the big kids and learning all their bad (and annoying) habits! I think I have literally passed him from one place to another!

Mum and I had an amazing virtual afternoon tea provided by the Sunflower Kitchen. There was so much good food!

I haven’t done long subtraction in so long! So long, that this week we had to You Tube a video with some puppets going on about pizza slices and not having enough. It was actually quite good and now Ellis and I know how to do basic long subtraction.

I’ve also been a bit jealous this week. Jealous of the one that can leave the house and go to work (not the actual work bit, that would be daft!) but the time on his own, seeing other people, talking to other people about other people stuff, the drive in the car, quiet time. So I  tried to have some “Me” time this week. Some people bake, read, run, knit… I paint. It’s usually random things found around the house! This week I finished off Max’s bug pebble to join the rest of the bug family and shells. I got the kids to paint some shells too using calpol syringes and little medicine pipettes to give a water wash look. I think they look good!

(All photos taken on phone this week. Couldn’t be bothered to the ‘The Big Camera’ out!).

The Talbots in Lockdown 2020 – Week 8 | Emily Frances Photography

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