The Talbots in lockdown in 2020 – Week 12

The Talbots in lockdown in 2020

Week 12 – Monday 8th June

When is Lockdown officially over? When should I finish these blogs? When MY lockdown is officially over and they go back to school? As the weeks go by, more and more shops, offices and companies are getting back up and running. is it all too soon?

We started our week 12 with some code work. I drew the alphabet and some symbols on the window. The message they worked out said “Sorry I woke Max up”. Basically it was the only way I could get them to say it! And I felt like I needed them to say it out loud to my face that day! Especially when I’d just spent 30 minutes trying to get him nap and they woke him up 10 minutes later!! It was proper narcissistic¬†of me! I couldn’t help it!!

Anyway, the coding was a great start for when one of Ellis’ friends brought round a message in Morse code! He enjoyed decoding it and finding out what the Birthday preparations will be.

Quinn has had some shape work this week with school and looking at the book The Lighthouse keepers’ lunch – I’d never heard of it. She got to think of healthy lunches and disgusting lunches which actually turned out quite tame – mustard, chicken, broccoli and salami sandwich!

Also this week…

We made pancakes. I promised the kids in week 1 that we would make pancakes! Phew, we can finally tick that one off. They each cracked an egg. Quinn squeezed hers so much it popped! Luckily it landed in the bowl with no shell!

Ellis has been like a caged animal,

Max has started to move forward in a worm like fashion!

Ellis applied for his Blue Peter badge – only a 10 week wait until it arrives,

Watched all the baby birds in the garden,

Played bingo with Max trying to eat those tiny balls! Not so fun and doesn’t the game go on FOREVER!!!

Max had a kitchen sink photoshoot,

Painted the kitchen cupboards,

Made Nutella swirls or “Mutella” swirls as Quinn calls them! Honestly, what does she think it is made from?!?!

Watched Dinos After dark on YouTube,

Received an awesome huge colouring sheet in the post from friends,

More bike rides,

Dan has built a bar in the garage! Yes you read that correctly. Infact it is more like a mini pub!

Made scones with Granny and Max has his first cuddle in 12 weeks!

I also gave them loads of citrus fruits to play with. Mainly so Max could have a bit of messy fun with the big kids. His face trying the fruit! He wasn’t that impressed but just couldn’t stop eating the peel!

The kids have started digging for Rubies (not the dog, she is asleep on the sofa!)!

Quinn makes a wish every night before bed so that by morning she will be a Mermaid! Her little face when she realises it hasn’t worked :( If you know of any way the Mermaid wishes can come true, please let me know. Parenting to me means Quinn requesting the impossible! I wish I can make all of it come true… the unicorns hatching from the egg shaped stone she has found, the magic fairy dust wishes for a kitten, to have a shell tattoo, the barbie doll house (that we don’t have) to be real in the garden that she could live in, the need to capture a garden bird and have it a s a pet called Bert… the want for Corona Virus to go away…oh Quinn I wish it all could become a reality.

And…. a beach day! It was great to re-set everything. The kids and I haven’t been ‘out’ in so long!

Go on then week 13, what have you got for us?…

The Talbots in lockdown in 2020 – Week 12 | Emily Frances Photography





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