The Talbots in Lockdown 2020 – Week 11

The Talbots in Lockdown 2020

Week 11 – Monday 1st June

Motivation = 0

Enthusiasm = 0

Running out of steam = 10

Eating more than necessary = 10

Sighing more than needed = 10

So Week 11 started with Quinn wanted her lip pierced! Apparently she saw something on YouTube on how to make your own piercing, claiming it would be a craft activity! Anyway, a few days passed… and although I managed to get her to forget about lip piercing, it then went to a nose piercing… with a used staple! Honestly why do I encourage these things?! Anyway, how convenient it was when she “lost” it!

We had a Talbot’s Tuck Shop this week as Quinn’s school work was to look at money. I priced a few things up but had to introduce things like ‘sold out’ ‘introductory offer’ and ‘first bowl of cereal’ is free as they were loving the tuck shop idea but running out of money fast! Obviously Quinn went straight in for the 40p biscuit but Ellis wanted to work out how he could get most for his money. Quinn realised at the end of day one that if she saved it she could buy a toy.

We did a lot of messy play this week. Mainly because I was feeling guilty about not really doing much with Max. So we did jelly, oats and sugar cubes. Obviously Ellis and Quinn joined in too. Max ate most of it!

Also this week…

Ellis and Quinn made nature bracelets,

Max celebrated being 8 months old,

Had a socially distance picnic with Granny,

The odd number bonds thrown in here and there,

Built more dens – they’re actually getting a lot better! My love for them is not!

Added our pebbles to the Grimsargh Caterpillar,

Made scones,

Max met some cows (whilst we were looking at the frisky things I remembered that these were the ones that escaped their field and enjoyed some residential fun in a nearby cut-de-sac, so we left pretty quick!) I like cows either in a field I’m not in or on my plate!

The kids made tea – Tuna Pasta bake,

Quinn had a Brilliant Bee week with school and was set tasks to learn about bees… and what should we find on the floor of the patio… a bee! So out comes the sugar water and the bee was well and truly looked after until it had enough energy to escape (or until I put it in with the Pansies!). Obviously Quinn wanted it as her new pet!

So we’ve made it through another week. More and more it feels like by the skin of our teeth. The “traditional learning” is being replaced more with the garden, movie afternoons, lego, painting, baking and of course den building! It’s all learning. Even learning how to manipulate your sister or ways of blaming your brother and getting away with it, is learning! They’d get 10/10!!

The Talbots in Lockdown 2020 – Week 11 | Emily Frances Photography


Check out the nose piercing activity!!

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