A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 12

A Mother’s Dream #2 Week 12.

Ok, so I am a bit behind with my blogs, but let’s face it, the English weather is bit behind with the sunshine! We are now in June and Ellis and Quinn haven’t worn shorts to Pre School yet!

We thought we would spruce up the garden a little bit (well, a small area of it!) There is a bird box on the back fence, just above where we were planting (I think it is just out of shot)… it’s home to bumble bees! I think they love the new flowers now, but didn’t appreciate the renovation (neither did Dan 😉 )

So we all knew Ellis would be the helper and Quinn would be the one running free around the garden. I’m just thankful she kept her clothes on this time! :)

We have a neighbour. Now, although the neighbour is small, he is not as small as the hole he has made in the fence! However, he still thinks he can fit through it…and will do one day! Ellis and Quinn use to talk to him over the fence. Now they just talk through the hole :)

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