A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 15

A Mother’s Dream #2 Week 15.

We have a dog. She is adorable, but my gosh she is loopy! She is just like a teenager in the mornings and refuses to get out of her bed!

Our Irish Setter is called Ruby. I have had more than one person tell me Setters will calm down when they are about 9 years old. 9 years! That’s another 4 years away!

I have plenty of stories about Ruby. I could tell you about the time she ran out of our open gate and took her self on a walk, only to be found stood in the middle of a stream refusing to come out. Or the time where she wouldn’t come back to me after being let off on a walk. After 30 minutes I pretended I was injured and led on the floor (whilst heavily pregnant) in the hope she would become Lassie and come and see what was the matter! Or the time she once again did not come back to me and I had to ask a couple sitting on a bench to call Ruby over and grab her while I hid in the nearby bush!

She loves the kids. Maybe not as much as they love her! Ellis and Quinn seem to be the only people that are able to brush her without her trying to bite the brush!

(Ruby never became Lassie)

Don’t forget to check in with the other weeks if you missed some. I know I am a little behind i think i should be on week 27!

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