Those in-between photos

What are those in-between photos?? Well, I’ll tell you…

I love setting up a photo, taking the shot, but then keep pressing the shutter after the couple or child think you’ve finished. I can get some really natural, off the cuff photos this way and they are loved so much by the families. They are great in all my sessions – outdoors and indoors.

Have a look below for some examples.

We’ve all heard “never work with children or animals.” Well, I do both and sometimes at the same time!!!

It doesn’t always go to plan with children (or the animals!). Sometimes children are just not in the mood for photos, or they are having a particularly bad day because those pesky teeth have decided to show up.

But… you can not deny children keep you on your toes! Sometimes you don’t get the big smiles and that’s ok, because they give you other great expressions. I have one photo in mind that stands out for me that shows exactly this. Thea came in for a cake smash and splash. She loved her cake, she gave some brilliant expressions squeezing the life out of her cake (literally!) You can see for yourself here. But when it came to her little bath tub afterwards. There is a photo that just caught her deep in thought. She wasn’t happy but she wasn’t exactly upset either, just thinking (possibly about the cake she has just destroyed!) I love it and I think her Mummy and Daddy do too. I didn’t have to put this photo in Thea’s gallery, but I’m so glad I did.

Those in-between photos | Emily Frances Photography

Preston Cake Smash and Splash Photographer

I met the Watt Family for a little walk around a beautiful lake last August. They were expecting baby number 2 and wanted to document this time. This following photo really makes me laugh. I know just how much Daddy was not looking forward to this photo. It was the last one in my set up around the nature reserve and Mummy really wanted to try it. (Mum’s always win!)

Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve

Little Zach was on his Daddy’s shoulders and loving being up high. After the above photo, came this… :)

Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve

I know Daddy is not looking at his best (sorry Kieran!) but look at Zach’s face! He is having the best time!

You can see more from their session over on their blog here.

Next up – from sleeping baby, to flamenco dancer!


Last up – from love to hate in the space of a second! I still love it!

Now why not check out Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel and see her latest blog. Karin is an amazing Fremantle Perth Newborn Baby Family Photographer.

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