Before and After

Here are some of my before and after photographs. You can see the straight out of camera images and afterwards once i’ve worked my magic.

A great way to see how talented a photographer or any creative is, is to see their vision. You might not see it when you are with them for your photo shoot, but you will be able to see their final work on their website and Facebook page and know how talented they are.

When you have your photo taken, or your child’s photo taken,  you might just be thinking, ‘why does the photographer want us to stand there, or look this way’. But the truth is a good photographer will already know how they want the final photo to look.

Sometimes the photo is a composite, which means an image can make the impossible, believable! Mostly, in my work I use composites to ensure safety. As I mostly photography babies and young children, safety really is important.

I’ve had a few people ask me about the photo where Quinn is looking out of the window and the Christmas window which I like to do every year with my 2 children. So have a look below. There is a huge difference in those before and after!
I am really proud of my Photoshop skills, I think I would probably say I am self taught (I didn’t pay much attention in that lesson at Uni 😉 )

I find it really interesting when looking at other photographers work, especially their before and afters. Why not check out Dawn Martin from Dawn Martin Photography. She is a fantastic photographer located in Glasgow.

Before and After Photographs | Emily Frances Photography

Is Quinn looking at a boring fence, or lost in thought looking out at a field full of lavender??

Milk Bath. Emily Frances Photography

I didn’t like the look of the petals on the floor, so I just got rid of them!

Safety is so important here in the studio. Here you can see Joanna’s mummy keeping tight hold of her on the bench.

Preston Children and Family Photographer. Emily Frances Photography

I love a tight crop when capturing their little expressions. It means I can crop my feet out of the image too!!

Sitter Sessions Preston. Emily Frances Photography

Notice Mae’s Mummy is sitting close by.

With the Christmas window, I liked how Ellis and Quinn were sitting but in different photos, so I simply just took them from different photos and pieced them together into another one.

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