My secret for the best bubble baths!

So what is my secret for the best bubble baths?

I love my cake smash and splash sessions, like serious love them! The cakes always look amazing and I secretly want to keep and eat them all myself :)

The cake is always a big hit with the cake smasher, but…. the bath! More times out of ten… is a total hit! The smiles that the children give me, never stop. They simple love it! So much fun to be splashing about in the water and all the bubbles.

I often have amazed parents asking about how bubbly my bubble baths are! So, I thought I would share the secret with you about how I get those bubble baths so  bubbly. I have tried quite a few brands of kids bubble bath over the years of doing my cake smash photo-shoots. I would always try to have a sensitive skin product incase of any sensitive skin and I always recommend parents bring their own if there is any worries or concern about their child’s skin. I know a few little ones have delicate skin when coming into the studio.

So after using expensive brands, cheap brands and even normal popular high street brands, it was only when I went on holiday and stayed with family in Guernsey that I discovered it…. Sanex Dermo Kids Body Wash & Bath Foam. It’s obvious when it even says it in the name!! :) There are so many bubbles!!!

Here is the link to the Sanex product. I think it is so good, I even use it at home for my own kid’s baths.

My secret for the best bubble baths! | Emily Frances Photography

Preston Cake Smash Photo-shoot
Cake Smash Photo Shoot Preston
Cake Smash And Splash Photo Shoot Preston. Emily Frances Photography

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