A Mother’s Dream. Week 12

Today was Ellis’ first Easter Egg hunt – and I mean the first hunt that was for him to look for eggs and to fill a basket of colourful chocolately goodness, not for adults to do a treasure hunt on behalf of the kids looking for clues only for the kids to get bored along the way! :)

He absolutely LOVED it! He soon cottoned on to looking for eggs but unfortunately he couldn’t understand the fact that we had found them all!

Once he realised they were made of chocolate it was our job  to hide them again (in a cupboard!) before the foil was unwrapped from every single egg!


Of course you can see all the Mother’s Dream blog posts from the very beginning by clicking here, but I thought I would share my favourite with you so far again here – Week 7



It’s the end of the month, so that means you can go round the circle and see what the other lovely Mums have got up to with their little ones. Here is a link to Julie at Julie Chawner Photography



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