Josephine’s Sparkle Session

As a Lancashire Children and family photographer I have a lot of children in the studio of all different ages. As children grow up they become much more awear of their surroundings and I have to adapt my sessions to both suit the age of the child but also to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. My Sparkle Sessions are perfect for 3 years and older. This is because they are that bit older to follow a little direction and understanding of what different ways they can play with the glitter.

Josephine loved throwing the glitterĀ in the air. I loved her little giggles.

My studio often gets messy with little ones having a good time with either cake, paint or confetti, but when its glitter, I feel it’s a shame to clean up afterwards, the studio looks so pretty!

My studio in Grimsargh, Lancashire is so lovely and welcoming. Children seem to just relax and have a good time. I love the age when the children that come into the studio are chatty. I like to ask them about their friends and interests and by the time the end of the sessions comes they can’t stop talking and don’t want to leave!

Once you’ve had a look at Josephine’s photos, why not check out another Sparkle Session. Please have a look at Grace’s and Isla-Mai’s fun sessions. Or if you’re little one isn’t quite 3 yet, maybe a paint smash would be good for you? Have a look at Jessica’s paint smash and see her work of art.

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