My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from all over the place.

Being subjected to creative ideas and influences happens everyday for me. My Facebook news feed is full, and I mean jam packed full with newborn babies, pregnant ladies, cake smashes and cute little toddlers. I follow so many amazing photographers on social media that I see their work every day and get inspired. I might see something that I want to try and do, like the Milk Bath session I posted the other day, or I might see another photographer use a specific colour or prop in their shoot that I have been too cautious to try. It really does give me a kick up the bum to try new things, make mistakes and learn. You never know, I might just find something I love!

A lot of the female photographers I follow are also mum’s. Amazing mums that juggle a successful business and a happy family. I get to see little snippets into their life from all across the globe. It is really lovely to see their families achievements as well as their business ones. I also get to see great personal projects and awesome photographs involving their own children. This inspires me to get out there and enjoy my children’s achievements and take great photos along the way.

One photographer who I admire and follow is Kristen Cook. She undergoes a personal project where every January for an entire month she takes one photo a day of her children. Kristen has taken some inspiring photos of her children playing and in contemplation together. Kristen does a lot of black and white photography. Here is a link to her Facebook page and website.

Over the last few years I have taken part in a weekly blog called A Mother’s Dream. It was a chance to actually spend time with the kids and document something fun that we would do together. I did a whole year in 2015. Is saw lots of exciting events such as welcoming our second child, Quinn. I started it again in 2017 and well, I haven’t yet managed to finish it! I am sure I will one day! It is great to look back on the memeries and see how they’ve changed. I love taking photos of other peoples families so it’s only right I do the same with my own.

Below are a couple of photos I have taken of my children inspired by others. Some are from the Mother’s Dream Blog, some of them are just because I wanted to try something new. Some of them are in the studio, some are out on location.

I also like Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel. Karin is a great Fremantle, Perth Newborn Baby Photographer. You can follow the link to see what inspires her.

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