A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 22

A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 22

On my Birthday we went to Inglenook Farm which is in Rainford, St Helens.

We were lucky to see the lavender as I think they literally harvested it the very next day!

They have a lovely little cafe which we had an amazing lunch in before we wandered into the lavender.

Inglenook Farm have a great little Facebook page where they hold all the info about their up and coming events. They seem to host a lot of things, especially in the summer so there is always something to see as well as seeing the lavender (and their little farm and beer shop).

Here is link to their Facebook page and here is the link to their website page.

Quinn has become quite attached to this cardigan. So you might see it in more photos!

Inglenook Farm | Emily Frances Photography

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