Ice Cream Smash Summer Birthday

Olivia loves ice cream! I had such a great time for Olivia’s Ice Cream Smash, I think she did too!

With Summer literally around the corner and the days are getting a little hotter, it was the perfect opportunity for Olivia to cool down with an Ice Cream Smash!

Olivia was absolutely brilliant and loved exploring the cold cream and the cones. Oh and lets not forget the flakes!

I wasn’t sure how she would react to the line up! We had 4 different flavours of ice cream. Well, basically she just worked along the line! When she felt she had either eaten, smushed, smeared and crushed one ice cream enough, the next one was in for it! :)

Messy play is great for the senses. Little ones love it for their development as they learn to make their own discoveries through textures, smells and tastes.

As well as feeding her face full of ice cream, Olivia gave me some great smiles (although not as many as usual, I think she loved the ice cream too much!). After getting messy, the fun continued with the clean-up. Luckily Olivia got to look cute in a little bubble bath, I on the other hand cleaned up!

I really love the colours used in the set-up. It shows off what an amazingly fun, summery feel it has. Your child will love exploring, tasting, playing and learning all in a great photo-shoot experience creating memories.

If you feel an Ice Cream Smash isn’t for you, but still want that Summery feel, well keep posted for my Ice Cream themed Cake Smash. It is all about the cake that looks just like an ice cream! I’ll post a link soon.

Ice Cream Smash Summer Birthday

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