How do I prepare for my photo-shoot?

When you start a family, there is so much to think of in anticipation of that new baby bundle of joy steam rolling over everything you once new to be stable and secure. Not only do these tiny little additions come with so much ‘stuff’ but they change the way you live. There will now be limited trips to the cinema, the big shop will now be done online and lazy weekends chilling with friends in the latest gin bar in town will be swapped for play centres, kids parties and early nights, for everyone! Now don’t get me wrong, I love an early night and there is so much food left over from a kids party, your can fill your boots!

When you have a new little life to look after, I also feel you need to open your arms and welcome a great photographer into your lives too. There will be so many milestones along the way, you must, absolutely, definitely capture them.

I love photographing families and their little additions, no matter how old they are. I have 2 young children myself, so I have great practice and patience. I love building up a connection with the little ones that come into my studio and having a chat. Some are quite shy at first, but they soon get chatty!

How do I prepare for my Photo-shoot? Is a question I get asked quite often. I am more than happy to help you and put you at ease. I want you to have a great experience and enjoy every minute when you’re in the studio. You might want help with outfits if you’ve booked a family portrait session in the studio or out on location, or you might be worrying about how to prepare for your newborn shoot when you’ve just become a new mum.

Well, I have lots of information for all of you to ensure you have a great experience. Before your session I send you an email containing everything you need to bring with you on the day and for Newborn sessions anything that you can do to prepare before you leave the house. It really will make all the difference to your sessions. Usually at the top of the list is snacks and drinks for your children. It’s tiring work having your photo taken!

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How do I prepare for my Photo-shoot? | Emily Frances Photography


Baby and Family Photographs Preston
Family Photos Preston
Emily Frances Photography Baby and Child Portrait Photography

Here at Emily Frances Photography in my studio in Grimsargh, Preston, I offer lots of different sessions, however they all have one thing in common. They are always fun! They also have the answer to the same question I get asked a lot. “What if my child is too shy or won’t co-operate on the day”

I offer all sorts of photo shoots for growing families. You may prefer your children ‘do something’ while having their photo taken rather than just expect them to sit and smile! I know parents panic, they have a feeling their children just won’t co-operate on the day or might be too shy to smile. Please don’t worry.

At most of my sessions, more ofter than not, there will be something to get the children interacting. Some children like to bring in their favourite teddy, some like to play with feathers and some want to pick every petal off a flower (my favourite :) ) Both Jessica‘s and Emilia‘s blog are perfect for this.

Preston Cake Smash and Splash Photographer
Cake Smash Preston

I have so many Cake Smash and Splash blogs for you to have a look at. I have some little tricks to get them interacting with the cake if they are a little shy to begin with.

Messy play is great for the senses, especially for developing little minds. My Cake Smash and Splash sessions are ideal for first birthdays where they can get messy and enjoy a little cake along the way! I also offer another great messy play photo session involving paint! The kids love it! The Paint smash sessions are really popular and are ideal for any age, but great for when your little one is turning 2 years old. They still want to get messy!

Here are a few examples of the Paint Splash!  Just remember, you don’t have to clean up! Jessica had a great time and created a work or art to take home. You can see her blog in full here.

Emily Frances Photography. Paint Smash Photo Shoot Preston

Usually it’s the mum that gets in contact with me to arrange a photo shoot for her family. Sometimes it’s the dads, but mostly the mums!

There are all sorts of amazing photo shoots where children can have fun and they don’t even realise they are having their photo taken.

You really can get creative when they are any age. My fun sessions range from Cake Smashes, Bath Splashes to Confetti sessions.

Glitter Smash Photography Preston. Emily Frances Photography
Glitter Smash Photography Preston. Emily Frances Photography

Sparkle sessions are so magical and the little ones love it! They feel so special, especially when they sparkle for the rest of the day! I advise these sessions are perfect for 3 year olds and older.

My sessions also go outside and on location. They can also go into your house and capture your family naturally in your own home. I would absolutely love to hear from you. Why not tell me what session you would like to book your family in for.

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