Frankie & Harley

It is so lovely being a Preston Children and Family Photographer as I get to meet lots of brilliant kids and their families for photos and a chinwag. Sometimes when children arrive at the studio they can be a little shy or full of absolute wonder as to why they are here! But as time goes on, they relax and have A LOT of fun! especially when confetti is involved :)

I had such a great time when Harley and Frankie visited the studio for their photo-shoot. They are such great, fun. energetic children so we had great time playing with confetti, balloons and smiling (and not smiling :)) for the camera.

I love to bring in something that shows off children’s personalities. With younger children I like them to play with feathers and flowers. they love exploring and investigation what it is. When Harley and Frankie’s mum booked in, she mentioned they love Superhero’s so the balloons were perfect for them to play with. Also the confetti really brings out their personality. When those balloons popped!!!  – Wow, they were loud! You can really see both of them react naturally and love the excitement. And who doesn’t love a confetti fight?!

If you would like to book your children in for a photo-shoot to show off their personality and little characters they are becoming, please message me.

Why not follow the blog circle with Dawn Martin Photography who is a Fine Art Portrait photographer based in Glasgow.

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