My Most Favourite Product

My Most Favourite Product At Emily Frances Photography on offer, are PhotoBlocks. There is a whole range of beautiful items on offer.  You can have a good look at them when you come to the studio for your photo-shoot or if you would prefer a viewing of your gallery in the studio to see your images you can have a good look at them then too.

They range from key rings and art panels to full luxury with images in a beautiful frame.

But… I have just started offering a brand new item. Wooden Photo Blocks. You might think you’ve seen them before…but… these ones are different. Here’s why…

-They have a beautiful finish to the wood. They have been expertly sanded and varnished so the grain really looks its best around the image.

-The image is applied so well, that there is no lines where the seal has fixed the photo and wood together. Sometimes you can see little brush strokes, but these ones are completely flat.

They are free standing on their own or they can sit on an awesome little stand, they can even be hung on the wall – they have a great hanging hook on the back :)

They would make your work space look great with one of these beside your computer at work, or on the windowsill at home.

See below for some photos to take a look.

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My Most Favourite Product | Emily Frances

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