A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 6

Week 6 – Quinn started Pre-School!

I am so thankful Quinn has settled in well and Ellis loves having his little sister to look after! I’m not sure what he’s like with her when i’ve gone, but he insists he looks after her!

I’m not going to lie, I was worried about Quinn starting Pre-School. Not because I was going to miss my baby and I would be feeling lost all the time I wasn’t with her… Oh no! Trust me! :) It was because of her death stare! Quinn didn’t smile until she was 10 months old, she was sceptical of the world around her. She wouldn’t laugh at you trying to pull a funny face or when you tickled her toes, she wouldn’t smile as you entered the room. Instead, she would curse you for leaving her in the first place, stare at you wondering why on earth you were making stupid faces and probably thinking ways of pay-back for tickling her toes! You can imagine how fun play groups were! But….all of a sudden it changed! She is now a cheeky, funny little girl who insists on being ticked, jumping on the bed and teasing her older brother :)

These photos were taken the morning she started, all smiles!

Family Lifestyle Photographer Preston Lancashire | Emily Frances Photographer

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