A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 13

We were back in the kitchen for week 13 of A Mother’s Dream. Well Ellis was. I think Quinn was watching Moana. Again!

We all know by now, Ellis loves baking. He prefers the baking part than the eating part. Luckily Quinn likes to fill this role :) (and myself!)

I got Ellis a dinosaur shape cutter for Christmas and we only used it for the first time this week. Well, let just say, it was annoying! the neck was so thin, any sudden movement, or even just lifting the dinosaur shaped dough from table to baking tray caused the neck to break! I managed to mould them back together (with a much fatter neck!) but on the 4th one, I’d had enough and hearts shape cutters were the way forward!

I felt I had to take a photo of Ellis stood on the chair while he prepared the dough. This is because he has always helped out with the cooking like this. He has always stood on the chair, never sat at the table. Soon he won’t need to stand on the chair, and that makes me a little sad. His head already bumps into the cupboards above now. Soon he won’t want to stand on the chair but hopefully he’s still want to bake biscuits with his Mum.

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