A Mother’s Dream. Week 22

We took Ellis and Quinn to Smithills Open Farm this week.

On the way there I asked Ellis which animal he was looking forward to seeing the most…..the answer…..the hens…and the camel!!

My very good friend, Louise recommended Smithills Open Farm to me a year ago when I was looking for somewhere to take Ellis for the day. A year ago, Ellis nearly suffocated a bunny cuddling it too much, and I year on, he nearly did the same!!

Louise has some good advice (sometimes!! 😉 ). This time it was about the bottles of milk when feeding the not so small lambs. She said “don’t put the bottles near your head, they will headbutt you out the way!” Well, Ellis didn’t do that, but I did nearly catch him having a swig out the bottle!!


Family Day Out Photography | Emily Frances Photography


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