Girl under umbrella with confetti

Children Confetti Photos Shoots

Oh my goodness, I can not believe how beautiful one little girl can be!

I love the Children Confetti Photos Shoots so much and so do the children. But when Emilia arrived at the studio, she wasn’t too sure of the confetti. She was quite hesitant to see what it was all about. We all took our time and allowed Emilia to investigate it in her own time. I am so happy we did as the photos are just beautiful! They are full of smiles, laughter, colour and fun.

I just love how these photos show off the coloured confetti and her gorgeous hair!

Even though some children can be a little hesitant when they first come into the studio, (and lets face it, it they haven’t been before and haven’t seen me before, they probably will be.) I always spend the time to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Confetti photo-shoots are also great for siblings. Check out Amelie and Olivia’s photo-shoot here.

A lot of my fun photo-shoots are aimed at children through sensory play. I have a number of different topics such as a cake smash, bubbles, glitter and paint. They all encourage natural play and non of the sessions are forced. It basically lets children be children in a fun environment while we get some amazing, fun, colourful photos of your child doing what they do. You can see here 5 benefits to sensory play.

Children Confetti Photos Shoots | Emily Frances Photography


Girl playing with confetti
Girl smiling with confetti
Happy girl playing with confetti
Happy girl catching confetti
girl with umbrella catching confetti
girl dancing in confetti
girl dancing in confetti
girl dancing in confetti
smiling girl sat in confetti

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