A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 19

A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 19

Whilst on holiday in South Wales, we must have gone to the beach everyday. Not so sunbathe and read a book (can you actually do that with 2 small children?) but to do what beaches are for…play (and obviously find more shells!)

It seems Quinn needs a moment or two in new surroundings to realises where she is and how far and fast she can run, and then she is off! Running into the sea, running into caves, destroying sandcastles, she is literally non stop! Ellis on the other hand is concentrating on building up his shell collection, making the biggest sandcastle he can (a little difficult with Quinn acting like King Kong!) and making damns.

We visited a different beach each time, which were all new to Ellis and Quinn (and Daddy). To us however, we were visiting the old holiday ‘go-to’ beaches. It must have been 20 years since I last visited The Gower. A lot of it has changed, but the beaches are still the same :)

The Gower is a great little place, especially for children. There is so much to see and do. Here is a little link to plan your visit 😉

As Always, you can check out the other photographers taking part in the Mother’s Dream blog. You simply just follow the circle starting with Fleur Davies who visited Speke Hall.

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