Being a Baby Photographer Preston, I get to have a cuddle with day old babies fairly often and each and everyone is so special. However, I can honestly say, I felt like one of my own was coming into the studio on Easter Monday. Ok, so it wasn’t literally my own baby, but I think it was, kinda!

You see, I have known Lynette for only a couple of years but I feel like we have known each other a lot longer. I think this might be because we have had children at pretty much the same time, and well, mums talk! We talk about all things, but we talk about babies, pregnancy, birth and labour the most! :) (Ok, and Prosecco!) :)

I photographed Olivia’s big sister, Amelie when she was 9 days old so it seemed only right to photograph Olivia at the same age. If you go and have a look at Amelie’s newborn shoot you will definitely see some likeness to say the least! Amelie’s blog can be found here.

So, Olivia, Amelie and their Mummy and Daddy came into the studio on Easter Monday. Olivia was born just before Easter so it seemed only right that we should have the Easter bunny in there somewhere!

When Olivia arrived she was nice and sleepy so we started with some photos with her big sister. Amelie is fast! She has also been to see me many times and knew where all the good stuff was – toys and friends in the room next door! Ha! So we had to work fast! Olivia was a little star for the rest of the session.

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos. I have started with one, like a before and after. Lynette had a Maternity session with me when she was 36 weeks pregnant with Olivia, it was lovely to do a similar shot of bump and baby. The rest of Lynette’s Maternity session can be seen here.

If you would like to enquire about a session for you, please get in touch.

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