Joanna Is One

I am so proud that I can produce stunning baby and family photographs in Preston, and this session was no exception. It helped that it was a beautiful little girl.

Joanna is 1!

I really enjoyed this session with Joanna and her family. I think it was because I had met them before when Joanna was only 9 days old and I was excited to see what a difference a year can make.

Well, Joanna didn’t disappoint! She was absolutely lovely and couldn’t stop smiling (always a bonus!) ¬†She looked gorgeous in all of her little dresses.

I also got to see big sister, Isobel again who was brilliant at helping me out in the studio.

You can see what a difference a year makes at Joanna’s newborn shoot here. I used some of the same bowls she is now sat in!

Please get in touch to book you and your family in for photos that can be treasured for generations. Here is my contact form.

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