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Autumn! – Why is it my favourite season?

So here it is, Autumn! A fantastic time of the year to get out and still enjoy the sunshine with the added golden colours the leaves can give us.

I love this time of year. I really want to get in amongst those crunchy leaves just begging to be stood on. There is something quite satisfying when one gives a loud crunch!! :) I love getting outside and taking my camera.

So lets start at the beginning – Where to go

There are some awesome places to go all over the UK. There is a great website by the forestry commission which gives you some starting points. A link to their website is here.

But, there are many places just on your door step. Maybe you have a tree in your garden that is beginning to change colour, or a local park. Its always great to get to a place that means something to your family. Myself and my family always go to a particular place and it’s lovely to capture the kids growing and playing in the great outdoors each year as the seasons change.

Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography

When to go

You need to plan your visit when the leaves are at their best, which is usually at the end of October. At this time there are plenty of leaves on the floor to kick about and walk amongst but there are still lots on the trees. So this will give you lovely colours in the backgrounds of your photos.

The sun is getting lower in the sky now, so you should be able to see it coming through the trees to add a bit of sun flare to your photos. Watch out for the times of sunrise and sunset and see if you can enjoy the outdoors in the golden hour of sun light when the sun is much softer in the sky.

Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography
Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography

What to wear

Well, now there’s a question! I always tell my clients that you must be comfortable, above all else, please wear clothes that you like and feel comfortable in. When going as a family for photos try and dress in similar colours, so co-ordinate, don’t match. You don’t need to all be matching in the same outfit but tonal differences is best.

I don’t mind patterns on clothes, but I suggest only one person wears a patterned outfit and I strongly suggest against logos and characters.

Don’t forget to accessorise! Adding textures like a woolly jumper, hat and scarf can add to a photograph.

If you know you want the photo to be framed and up on the wall, have a look look and see where it is going to go. What are the colours of the room it is going in? Wear something that will match the colours of the room.

Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography

How to get the best out of your visit with your camera

When photographing children I find it is best to bend down and get to their level. They can look directly into the camera and it looks amazing capturing their expressions this way. You can always be creative though, try looking down on them, or looking up to add different perspectives and see what you prefer. I always like to build up a big pile of leaves and photograph the children kicking them about.

Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography

Go as a family

Autumn is such a fabulous backdrop for family photos. Just walking and playing in the leaves and having fun can make such lovely memories and photos to treasure. It is a perfect opportunity to hire a professional photographer to capture the moment. With Christmas just around the corner, the photos can make the perfect christmas present!

Please get in touch to enquire about an outdoor family photography sessions in Lancashire –

Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography

Autumn Family Photography Preston | Emily Frances Photography

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