52 Week Photography Challenge

So, I have decided (at the moment I am thinking I am crazy to be committing myself!) to a 52 Week Photography Challenge. After enjoying the Mothers Dream blog it was lovely to see Ellis grow throughout the year and the arrival of Quinn.

I have listed all the topics to cover over the year and I am going to only upload one photo for that topic – unlike the Mother’s Dream blog. I may swap and change the topic for that week, depending on what we are doing and where we are :) I may involve the kids in the photos, but i’m not promising!!

So here is ‘The List’

I will always add to this blog so all the weeks will be kept together.

Emily Frances Photography | 52 Week Photography Challenge



Week 10 – Outside

In amongst bluebell hunting Ellis found another stick! We have a collection by our front door of all the sticks he has found on his travels. He wants to build a campfire with them but at the rate he is going, I think it will be more like a bonfire!!

Ellis seems to have a photographic memory with his sticks, he knows if I ‘lose’ it on our way home, or if we are further afield and heading back to the car, he knows if I break it in two just to fit it in the car!! Apparently this is a BIG no no! Lets just say I will try anything to get the stick in the car in one piece from now on!!!

Yes, some of these sticks are big!



Week 9 – Something Yellow

The daffodils have been out in force even though the weather has been showing us hail, show, sleet and rain. How they have survived I have no idea!!

Ellis and Quinn don’t sit still for long, so getting this shot was a little miracle!

Week 8 – Den

Ellis and Quinn loved it in their den so much, they shut the door! I think Quinn looks braver the Ellis!!

Week 7  – Routine

Mine and Ellis’ day starts in the same way, every day… I make him a cup of milk in his green tortoise cup and Ellis drinks it!

It is the only drink he has in the cup and he only has it in the morning. i’m not sure what would happen if the tortoise cup were to disappear one morning! Maybe i should try it…or maybe I want to keep the peace!!

Week 6 – Waiting

Here is Ellis and Ruby waiting for Daddy to come home. They both love nothing more than to stand at the window and watch the world go by. However, Ruby barks at everything. She must think the visitors have come to see her!

Week 5 – Time

Ellis is very familiar with this egg timer!

Week 4 – Washing Up

Don’t really know what to say about this week, other than we put Quinn in the washing up bowl before bed. Ha! Makes a change to having a bath with Ellis!

She soon found the plug and ended her time in the water! :(


Week 3 – Rest

We took Ruby for a walk around Witton Park in Blackburn today. There is quite a good play area for Ellis to have a run around and get his confidence up going down the smallest slide(!) while Ruby enjoyed barking at other dogs, chasing remote controlled cars, eating chips from the cafe and wanting to be best friends with everyone! She wasn’t allowed to rest for long when she got home – Quinn likes to poke her in the eye…and nose…use her as a climbing frame…pull her fur…poor Ruby!

Week 2 – Snow.

Ok, so it was suppose to be puddles. I thought puddles would be an easy week….er, no! We didn’t have rain, we had snow! I LOVE the snow! We all had a great snow day wondering the pathways and Grimsargh Park and also building a snowman in out back garden. It was Ellis’ first real play in show, which I am glad to say, he loves it too :)

Week 1 – Self Portrait.

Here is Ellis’ self portrait! I really couldn’t face being on camera, so Ellis painted a picture of himself. I think it looks pretty good, do you? He is a quite a crafty little boy and always comes home with creations from Pre-School (most of the time I can tell what it is!)

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