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Wedding & Newborn Baby Photography Based in Preston, Lancashire

Photo of Emily Frances

Wedding and Newborn Baby Photography based in Preston, Lancashire

I am a photographer specializing in beautiful children and family photography and small intimate weddings.

My love for photography started very young when I remember playing with my Dad’s camera in the garden, messing with the focus and the shutter speed.

Growing up I always tried to incorporate photography into all my School, College and Uni projects. Read more about me



Recent Photoshoots

shoots I've done and stuff for fun

A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 22 Inglenook Farm
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Lowther Castle Penrith
A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 21 Lowther Castle
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A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 20 Clyne Gardens
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A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 19 The Beach
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A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 18 The Gruffalo Trail
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Cadbury World
A Mother’s Dream #2. Week 17 Cadbury World
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